CSG Industry employs Darren Lockyer in PR Stunt

By General Maddox
After dozens of incidents lead to a multitude of bad publicity for the coal seam gas industry in Australia, CSG body Australia Pacific Liquid Natural Gas Project, a joint venture between major energy companies Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, began a public relations campaign to manage the negative perception of the coal seam gas industry.

It would seem the main battleground is Queensland. Why else would they choose to win over the hearts and minds of Queenslanders with the new CSG poster boy Darren Lockyer? See this from the APLNGP website:

Rugby League legend Darren Lockyer is one of Australia’s most respected sporting figures. His career highlights included captaining the Australian team, the record breaking Queensland State of Origin side and the premiership winning Brisbane Broncos. Darren grew up in Roma, right in the middle of where lots of Queensland’s coal seam gas is found and he was keen to understand more about the industry.

One can only guess how much he’s being paid to promote the benefits of Coal Seam Gas. However, there are many people on the other side of the fence facing financial ruin as a result of the toxic environmental effects this industry is having on landowners in western Queensland. Many farmers are cutting their losses and leaving their land though some have chosen to stay and fight.

A farmer by the name of Brian Monk who resides in Tara located 300 kilometres west of Brisbane, is trying to make as much noise as possible in attempt to illustrate the neglect for public health and the environment that CSG companies display.

You can view the many shocking videos Brian has on his YouTube channel. See below for an example of how his well water has been polluted and is now toxic.

I recently had the chance to ask Brian his thoughts on Darren Lockyer becoming the new poster boy for CSG. “I think Darren’s manager saw a quick buck and took it. Did Darren make any genuine inquiries into CSG? I seriously doubt it. He is from a town that relies on bore water so i’m guessing if he really researched this he would not have signed on as the pinup boy. I think Arrow (Arrow Energy) states it is expecting a cumulative draw down of 700 metres, imagine nearly 1 kilometre of water gone for 1000 plus years. So do i think Darren researched it? NO I DON’T!”, he said.

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Author:General Maddox

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One Comment on “CSG Industry employs Darren Lockyer in PR Stunt”

  1. gusgrunt
    March 12, 2013 at 6:55 pm #

    Our pathetic governments, elected by us, does not reverb much for ourselves as people of Australia who have a constitution that we ignore…. in other words our elected political folk mirror us and that is sad indeed.
    In a last ditch effort to improve their ratings the Gillard wanker for whatever ($ 300,000.00 per year + perks) has just announced, would you believe….. “we have taken the message of the people and will implement laws as regards protecting our underground waters”
    Ho hum!…… as the Federal election gets nearer we will be barraged by more of this crap.
    And it must be noted that the slime bag independents, who allowed this Gillard anti-constitutional law of ‘carbon tax’ to be implemented, have now boarded the new train of ‘protecting our artesian waters from Fracking’…… yes… Bobby boy Oakeshott and his partner in crime are desperate for votes as this election gets nearer…… souls for sale… all offers considered!
    Fracking is an issue that goes way back…… where were these stalwarts of public concern then who have now, suddenly, raised their ugly heads?….. would you vote for this scum?…….. Gus

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