Eugenics in Australia: Melbourne’s Hidden History

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eugenics_tree_1921Eugenics: Spreading throughout Melbourne in the 20th Century.
Source: DNA Learning Center

Eugenics is centered around the science of ‘improving’ a human population with controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of ‘desirable’ heritable characteristics – and is a topic that very few people tend to explore as much as they should regarding it’s critically important nature.

Controlled breeding can be attained through many methods, including sterilisation, and was a very real concept throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries. Many professionals in the scientific and biological fields rigorously researched ways to improve the human race through means of breeding, and its dark ideas still continue to this day.

In this feature, Ethan Nash explores the origins of Eugenics in Australia, how Melbourne’s eugenic elite almost succeeded with their vision, and how this closely kept secret is being brought back to the surface almost 100 years later.



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