Courier-Mail Hit-piece Fails to Leave Mark on Anti-Fluoride MP Jason Woodforth

One of the few Ministers standing against water fluoridation.

One of the few Ministers standing against water fluoridation.

By General Maddox

Anti-water fluoridation advocate, Jason Woodforth MP for Nudgee in Queensland, was recently a target of the Courier-Mail. In my recent phone interview with Mr Woodforth, he agreed the hit-piece was very biased and furthered to distort the public’s perception of water fluoridation. See the article by the Courier-Mail here.

Trending in the media right now here in Australia is the drugs in sport saga. Where ever you look be it print, radio or televsion you will see yet another story of a sports star exposed for doping. While i do agree that this is an issue worthy of coverage, not so much front page as back page with the sport where it belongs, could it be that there is so little going on in this country that the mainstream media has only this topic to cover? Doubtful. One must always take into account that when the media is so busy trying to distract the public with just one story, there are other more important issues slipping through the cracks. The best option is to look for the tiny stories hidden elsewhere.

This article on Jason Woodforth in particular works very hard to manage your perception of him. The headline itself is deceptive. It reads: I’d Rather a Banned Drug than Fluoride. This gives the impression to anyone reading the story that he is crazy for choosing drugs over fluoride, a compound that the public at large have no idea where it comes from.

When you actually read the article it does state that the “Drug” in question is Growth Fator 1 (IGF-1) which is sold legally in Australia. The substance is tested for by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and banned for use by athletes in and out of competitive sports. Private use by anyone else is completely legal.

Mr Woodforth has found himself in the crosshairs of many reporters who are looking to peg him amongst the conspircay theorists for going against the grain on the topic of water fluoridation. “They may think they’ve won this battle, but we’ll win the war against water fluoridation” he said in my recent phone interview with him. “It’s something i’m very passionate about and when you do your homework on it you begin to see how much of a waste of money it is let alone how dangerous”.

A source within SEQ Water, who wishes to remain annonymous, has spoken to Real News Australia about the toxic substance they add to our water supply. “It’s no secret where this stuff comes from. Straight out of Shanghai, China.” said the source. The MSDA (or MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet) shows that it is a S6 class poison. “We have to where these special ‘spaceman’ suits and have to do a special course so we know how to handle the stuff. It’s so toxic. Less than a teaspoon will kill you.”

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Author:General Maddox

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9 Comments on “Courier-Mail Hit-piece Fails to Leave Mark on Anti-Fluoride MP Jason Woodforth”

  1. February 15, 2013 at 7:41 am #

    Some information to help the population get the real facts on the evidence of harm and abysmal failure of water fluoridation/pollution:-

    Fluoride Information Australia  

    Water Fluoridation Pollution Must End > Download Report from here:

    Fluoridegate  – The Film                                                                                                                             
    Recommended Links:
    ADA Says Fluoridated Tap Water is Not Safe for Babies!


    • February 15, 2013 at 9:04 am #

      Thanks Diane. You’re a great source of info.
      I watched Fire Water again the other night and realised you were in it.
      I’m in Brisbane too. South side.
      Can I ask you something?
      When you’re having a conversation about water fluoridation, and people always come back with “we’ll I’ve drunk fluoridated water all my life and I’m fine”. What’s the first thing you say?

      • February 15, 2013 at 9:57 am #

        I think most people have no idea the chronic effects, that is why I compiled that Water Fluoridation Pollution Must End Report – look at Townsville fluoridated/polluted since l965 they have chronic health problems, very lucrative dental industry, multiple dental vans going to the schools and kids being given ‘fluoride dental rinses’ to stop the tooth rot – FLUORIDATED SINCE 1965 ! The fact that Australia wide is in serious dental crisis despite widespread fluoridation (proves it is an abysmal failure & a fraud) commencing Tasmania 1953 and then through the 60’s and 70’s to place us as the most heavily fluoridated country in the world – massive percentage of saturation in all states of these hazardous waste pollutants fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc., and then they add to that murky hazardous waste mix aluminium sulphate (a toxic, neurotoxic & carcinogenic inducing cocktail) same as Tasmania and I think the burgeoning demand on our hospital systems with chronic diseases, cancers, allergies, chemical sensitivities, kidney disease, alzheimers/dementia disease, bone diseases (arthritis etc.) , mental health disorders, behavioural disorders, street violence and crime (think potent neurotoxins in everything people eat & drink) – some more affected than others – condition of health, nutritional status, other chemical exposures, total body load, all factors in why some people are more badly affected than others – these hazardous waste pollutants are in the drinking water supplies and hence also polluting our entire food chain, we have to bathe in it and then you have other sources of ‘fluoride’ exposures, dental products, pollution of industries, anaesthetics, pharmaceuticals etc. etc..

        With this hazardous waste pollutant known as fluoride in our water supplies and through the food chain, there is no escape. All these diseases and the average person does not connect the dots and many people don’t realise that these toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic hazardous waste pollutants are in everything we eat, drink and bathe in. The fluoride in toothpastes is sourced from difference source it is an S5 poison, you are told not to swallow it – the ‘fluoride’ (fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides) used in water fluoridation is hazardous waste pollutants and co-contaminants from phosphate fertilizer industries and are S6 and S7 poisons and we have to consume these dangerously corrosive hazardous waste pollutants in every glass of water, every soft drink, every beer, every beverage and all our foods …anything that has been grown, produced, manufactured using fluoridated water is contaminated with this hazardous waste known as fluoride and thereby contaminates us and chronically poisons us and our environment.
        I hope people take the time to study my compiled evidence, which is the tip of the iceberg Water Fluoridation Pollution Must End > Download Report from here: and to study the website also

        The people are not being given the truth and have never been given the truth of ‘fluoridation’ by Government and their interested parties, such as the ADA, AMA & ors..
        Kindest regards and thank you so much,

  2. luke
    February 15, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Absolutely agreed… The fluoride they put on the public water supply kills everything, plants, animals and it kills people to if you drink it long enough. It attacks all the vital organs of the body. Its all apart of Agenda 21, people need to wake up…..

  3. Tim
    February 18, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    Hi there General Maddox,

    First heard about this site after listening to the yesterday’s podcast of ConspiracyOz. Nice work getting on and having a chat. I’ve recently become interested in the fluoride issue and have learned a lot in a short time. Enough, in fact, to give a 10-minute speech on some of the dangers surrounding water fluoridation to my Toastmasters club in Melbourne. So as not to come across as a bit weird, I concentrated on a just a few main points:
    – Euro govts believe its up to individuals to whether they want to take fluoride supplements, and its not the govt’s job to mass medicate (a strong argument I think)

    – what is added to our water is toxic waste

    – any benefit to teeth by fluoride is topical anyway, so ingesting it is pointless, even backed up by CDC findings.

    I also found it interesting that in the FAQs on the ADA site ( there are no responses under the questions about kidney disease and the govt’s right to medicate our water supplies. I wonder why not. Lack of evidence for their case, or deliberate obfuscation?

    On Q&A tonight (sorry, I’m addicted to trash TV but am curious to know what the programmed groupthink topic of the week is), fluoride briefly rated a mention. Specifically Jason Woodforth got a disparaging remark, and the smarmy Tanya Plibersek was horrified that QLD would have the hide to let councils decide on whether to fluoridate. The statist/globalist in her opposes all moves toward decentralised decision making. I think we need more rare politicians like Jason and SA’s Anne Bressington in parliament to keep the crooks from tightening their stranglehold on this country. Not just for the fluoride issue, but for all manner of policies such as toxic immunisation, food and land security, manufacturing and tech industry, sovereignty, freedom of dpeech and association, finance & banking policy and the like.

    Otherwise we’ll wake up one day with nothing, and no means to fight to get it back.



    • February 18, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for coming along to my website. I hope you found it interesting to say the least.
      Good work on tuning into the conspiracyoz guys. I really enjoyed their show and hope you didn’t mind me rambling on.
      I’ll be doing my best to be on as a guest each week for a bit. Hope you continue to listen and as Mick says, get other people to listen to the podcast.
      I think doing whatever we can to help wake up the public and fight tyranny like this mass medication and poisoning of fluoride the better. I got sick of being on the sidelines myself.
      Stay tuned to further developments on this front in particular. My investigation isn’t over.

  4. February 19, 2013 at 8:20 pm #

    Great interview with Jason Woodforth and a great segment on Conspiracyoz’s podcast mate. You have really stepped it up a notch here on a topic that should be important to everyone. It just goes to show how important it is with the great responses to your article. I know I’ll definitely be tuning (so to speak) to ConspiracyOz every week from now on. Just quickly on the topic, I wholeheartedly agree that water fluoridation is blatantly a form of mass medication and I can’t see why there is not more of an uproar about it. COME ON PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!!

  5. May 17, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    Much agreed. Anytime I go on %source_url&%, I come across a website that is useful and thought-provoking.

    . It’s definitely helpful to examine writing from fellow authors and incorporate things from other pages.

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