Sandy Hook Shooting STILL Doesn’t Add Up


Sandy Hook Shooting STILL Doesn’t Add Up.

On December 14th, 2012 at approximately 9:30am a lone gunman by the name of Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy, loaded up her car with her guns (Semi-auto .223 Rifle, Glock Pistol & Sig Sauer Pistol) drove her car to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut and gunned down 27 people before turning the gun on himself.

Or so you have been lead to believe. As it turns out this simple although horrific story has more discrepancies than Barack Obama’s birth certificate and more contradictions than his political rhetoric. Bullet pointed below is a long list of such contradictions and discrepancies. Please advise if any have been missed that should be added and spare the time to watch the linked videos and view the linked images.

  • Firstly the inexplicable nature of charitable websites & Facebook pages & a memorial video that were set up PRIOR to the massacre. You can do this Google search yourself while it’s still up. Here’s a screenshot. Note the date. 3 days PRIOR to the shooting.
    Also see video here, another video here (skip to about 2mins in) images here, here, here, here, here, and here. The 1st video is a clip a YouTube user made of his Google search of the term SANDY HOOK. He trolled through 34 pages looking for date anomolies. He found a massive one!
  • A Facebook memorial page was set up for one of the supposed victims Emilie Parker on the SAME DAY as the shooting. This page has since been taken down but it’s able to be seen in the above 1st video. Remaining pages for this girl on Facebook have all been created no earlier than the 15th of December. The day after.
  • The controversy surrounding this girl is immense hence the used of the term “supposed victim”. It appears that Emilie Parker is not dead. Nor was she injured. Once again the above linked video clearly shows Emilie Parker having her photo taken with President Obama AFTER the shooting when he visited the town.
  • Emilie Parker’s father Robbie Parker also has a huge amount of controversy surrounding him. He too features in the above video clip. Robbie appears somewhat jovial before slipping into the character of a grieving father before the cameras. He is also holding a piece of paper as he faces the cameras. Most likely containing talking points and he can be heard to say while smirking “we ready to start?”.
  • Then we have Gene Rosen. Gene lives about a 1/3 of a mile away from the school (nearly 500 metres). Gene states in interviews that students sought refuge in his house. However his story changes and details seemed to be “tidied up” from interview to interview. It also appears he’s not who he says he is. Watch this YouTube clip for more details. On top of all of this, the most shocking admission takes place at the end of the clip. Gene admits he saw the casualty list at 6:00pm on the day of the shooting. What’s wrong with that you might say? Well considering it was publicly released 1 DAYS AFTER the shooting at about 4:30pm, that’s what’s wrong with that!
  • The lack of CCTV/Surveillance video footage. Think about it. How many times have you seen CCTV/Surveillance footage on the news about serious crimes like bank robberies, hold-ups, major incidents etc etc etc… HUNDREDS OF TIMES. Media loves getting hold of that stuff. Now think about how much of that type of footage you’ve seen from this incident. NONE! Just like on 9/11 with the supposed “plane” hitting the pentagon, they could easily quash all doubts of the official story if they showed UNEDITED CCTV/Surveillance footage from multiple cameras.
  • Where did all the children go? Much like asking where did the towers go? In reference to the dustification of towers 1 & 2 on 9/11 where the lack debris at the site doesn’t match up with the mass of the building. Here you have a school of approximately 600 children. Yet coverage of the event only shows, at best, a few dozen children being taken out of the school. Yes the school was most likely in some type of lockdown, however, with cameras rolling non-stop, where is the footage of the hundreds of other kids fleeing the school or being brought out to their worrying family members when it was safe?
  • Why is there a map published by the Hartford Courant online of the Sandy Hook School at 10:14am? It’s not accompanied by an article. Granted they may have had their police scanners going and scrambled to throw it up on their site. However it’s still strange. Link here (while it’s still up).
  • Why is there a map published by the Hartford Courant online of the neighborhood of the Lanza residence, which is 36 Yogananda Street at 12:29pm, December 14, 2012 when the media wasn’t given a possible name for the shooter until 2:11pm? Again not accompanied by an article. Link here (again while it’s still up).
  • The Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver’s bizarre performance in a press conference the day after the shooting. Watch here. And his striking resemblance to a firefighter attending the scene of the shooting. See here. During the press conference there are startling admissions made when answering or “attempting” to answer direct questions from unseen reporters. Questions like “How many boys and how many girls” in reference to the number of children killed. His response “Ahh i don’t know”. EXCUSE ME? Mr Chief Medical Examiner doesn’t know that answer even after saying earlier that he performed several of the autopsies himself.
  • The 2nd shooter. On the day there were numerous reports of a 2nd or possibly 3rd shooter. Police radio transcripts available here from the day very much give the impression of people in custody and “proned out” on the ground. There was also reports of a man detained in custody who was apprehended in the woods next to the school. The man was heard to say to the cameras “I didn’t do it!” Do what? Help kill 20 kids? See for yourself here. Nothing, NOTHING further has been said of this man who was apprehended. Who was he? What was his name? Why was he in the woods next to the school at the time of the shooting? Why didn’t cameras attempt to show him in the back of the police car the witness says he’s sitting in?
  • The magic rifle. It was reported that the long gun, a Bushmaster Semi-auto .223 Rifle, was the weapon of choice and confirmed by the Chief Medical Examiner who stated that all the victims had wounds caused by a .223 rifle. Oh why is it a magic rifle? Well it was found IN THE TRUNK OF THE CAR! His mother’s black Honda that he drove to the school was found in the parking lot and here is footage of the weapon being discovered by police. It was also reported that Adam Lanza was found with 2 pistols by his side, one of which was used on himself. So where was the rifle he did the shooting with?

I’m going to leave it there. These alone are more than enough to make you question the official narrative of events that took place that day. Again, take the time to view the images and videos linked above. Or simply go on YouTube and search for yourself. After reading this you’re left asking the question, why? What does all this mean? There are several theories about this. The one that makes the most sense is this yet another staged event. A false flag if you will.

Think about the domino effect of this scenario and others like it. A lone gunman kills our children. The media and government condemn guns. The public who have been manipulated into aligning themselves with the relentless onslaught of anti-gun rhetoric call for their elected representatives to take action against guns. The result which is almost in effect is a disarmed population. That i believe is the agenda. There can be no violent uprising to take back their country from financial and political ruin when the people have lost their right to bare arms. When the time comes and Marshall Law is in effect, how will you defend your family from government goon squads or looters in time of a nationwide societal collapse? You won’t be able to. It will be too late.

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  1. January 19, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    Lots of questions here, bugger all answers given by those investigating, you would think these inconsistencies would be all over the headlines, but no. Good reporting General

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