Is prevention better than cure?

Prevention IS better than cure.
I’m not sure where I heard it or when exactly. My guess is when I was a young boy but I distinctly remember that saying. It’s the type of prophetic mantra that seems to resonate within in like your conscience speaking up when you know you’re about to do something you know your body won’t forgive you for. Prevention certainly is better than cure. If you had the choice would you opt for never getting sick. I would.

Scientists have just announced a ground breaking treatment in the fight against breast cancer. The best part is that it’s without harmful chemotherapy and radiation. Both of which can do more harm than good. I congratulate the discovery by these scientists who have recently announced their findings where they are confident they’ve found an effective plant based treatment for TNBC (Triple Negative Breast Cancer). See quote below…

…at the 2012 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition underway in Chicago, scientists have just announced what they say is an “effective treatment” for TNBC. The key to this discovery? Compounds derived from diindolylmethane (DIM), a natural-occurring chemical commonly found in various types of cruciferous vegetables, especially Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Learn more here: Natural News article

However while this is great news, very great news actually, I come back to the opening line. Prevention is better than cure. Is it just me or do others wonder why more money isn’t spent researching what is actually causing this and thus taking measures to prevent it? Australia’s cancer rate is 314.1 per 100,000 people. While this may not look so bad, consider this…we’re the 3rd highest in the world! To be honest I would say it seems higher. I could easily name half a dozen people close to me affected directly or indirectly by cancer.

So what is it then? I would hazard a guess and say its a combination of our lifestyle, environmental causes and diet. There is so much crap in our food these days, toxins in the air and water, and the fact that we don’t get outside and exercise enough.

Certainly scientists and doctors have made us aware of our poor lifestyle choices leading to ill health but what about our food? Well lately we’re gravitating towards organic foods free of GMO and Pesticides and Herbicides that’s certainly a good thing but where’s the millions of dollars in funding to change our food production practices?

Certainly scientists and doctors have made us aware of known carcinogens and other toxic substances in our environment. Our air is being polluted, our water has toxic chemicals poured into it, some apparently to help our teeth. Did you know the so called “fluoride” being added to our water supply is actually a toxic waste byproduct of fertiliser and aluminium production? Yet our tax dollars pay for this toxic chemical soup to be added. We know its harmful so where is the millions of dollars in funding of awareness and eradication of this program?

Certainly some things we can’t directly change now but there are measures we can take to lower our ranking on the cancer rate chart.
– Filter your water. Get as much toxic chemicals out of it as possible
– Get some exercise and some sun. That’s a no brainier and Vitamin D works wonders for our bodies
– Limit exposure to known carcinogens

Be happy and stay healthy. Much love.

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One Comment on “Is prevention better than cure?”

  1. October 21, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    Cancer – has no respect whatsoever…not for person, place or time! I think its time we reach across all boarders…and wage a war against cancer.

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