Al Qaeda no longer an ‘enemy of state’ but Assange is?


For those among us that see headlines and newscasts about Julian Assange holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London and wonder, what’s this all about? Well basically Assange is there under diplomatic asylum on the grounds that if he gets extradited to Sweden where he’ll be questioned about the sexual assault allegations (which by the way is a saga on it’s own), the U.S will either grab him there or he’ll be sent to the U.S by Swedish authorities and taken to one of the U.S “black sites” never to be seen again.

What’s interesting is the U.S is calling him an “Enemy of the State” much like what they’ve labelled the Taliban & Al Qaeda. However, what’s even more interesting is that the U.S is actually no longer calling Al Qaeda an enemy of the state. No. It’s more like the old adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The U.S is supporting the rebel forces in Syria like they did in Libya. As you see here even the U.N has designated Free Syrian Army (the rebels) as affiliates of Al Qaeda in their own documents.

So why would Fairfax media bother publishing an article labelling Assange as an “Enemy of the State” now? Ratings. That’s why. Fairfax owns a large piece of Channel 10. And what big new show is airing within a fortnight on Channel 10? Underground: The Julian Assange Story. A show that’s hoped to save Channel 10’s less than impressive ratings.

If you read the below article there’s nothing new in there at all. They’re simply rehashing old bits and pieces to keep Julian in the limelight so that the public sees enough of him to keep talking about him in hopes that they’ll watch the show. It’s a simple as that.

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  1. timfisherblog
    October 1, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    Another great article mate. Keep them coming. I’m with you all the way!

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