A warning to Obama

This bi-partisan resolution, introduced in March of this year, reasserts the power of Congress to declare war, and states that any President who circumvents Congress, unless the United States is attacked, will face an article of impeachment.

Video: A warning to Obama. Play by the rules or face impeachment.

Obama and his administration has pledged his allegiance to the UN. A prime example was telling the American congress that they didn’t need congressional approval to use military action in Libya via NATO. See here

Is this all a little too late considering he may very well be voted out of office in the coming few months.

Or…is this indeed perfect timing? There may very well be an October surprise planned, the results of which may see another 4 years for what is Americas worst ever president and administration. This warning, if it gathers enough co-sponsors and makes it through, is a clear showing by congress that they are sick of multiple endless wars and hegemony of the U.S.

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Author:General Maddox

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